Virtual Championships was created to serve a world which can turn to the Internet for entertainment and even competition. At Virtual Championships exciting venues of virtual competition will be available to competitors, these are some of the venues to be offered…

  • Art Championships – Sculpture, Flat Art, Interpretive Art
  • Band Championships – Marching Band, Rock Band, High School Band
  • Beauty Championships – Makeup, Hair, Nails
  • Decorating Championships – Home Decorating, Holiday Decorating, Office Decorating
  • Car Championships – Classic Car, Antique Car, Muscle Car, Funny Car
  • Collector Championships – Coin Collector, Pottery Collector, Jewelry Collector, Card Collector, Agate Collector
  • Dancing Championships – Ballet Dancing, Jazz Dancing, Tap Dancing,Hip-Hop Dancing, Modern Dancing, Contra Dancing, Country and Western Dancing
  • Fashion Championships – Streetwear Fashion, Ethnic Fashion, Office Fashion, Business Casual Fashion, Business Casual Fashion, Evening Black Tie Fashion, Sports Wear Fashion, Maternity Fashion
  • Fireworks Championships – Private Fireworks, Public Fireworks
  • Fish Carving Championships – Decorative Fish Carving, Spear Fish Carving, Fishing Decoy Carving, Interpretive Fish Carving
  • Invention Championships – Scientific Invention, Mechanical Invention, Technological Invention
  • Performance Championships – Group Performance, Team Performance, Individual Performance
  • Pet Championships – Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Insects
  • Photography Championships – Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography, Marketing Photography. 3D Photography, Panoramic Photography
  • Poetry Championships – Children’s Poetry, Collaborative Poetry, Fantasy Poetry, Humorous Poetry
  • Recipe Championships – Appetizer, Salad and Soup, Entree, Dessert, Beverages, Breads
  • Singing Championships – Group Singing, Single Singing, Collaborative Singing
  • Song Championships – Rock Song, Pop Song, New Age Song, Jazz Song
  • Video Championships – Funny Video, Pet Video, Home Video, Cooking Video
  • Wildfowl Carving Championships¬†– Working Decoy, Smoothie Decoy, Decoy Rig, Decorative Decoy, Decorative Lifesize, Decorative Miniature, Interpretive Sculpture, Youth
  • Woodworking Championships – Furniture Making, Decorative Wood Caving, Caricature Carving, Wood Turning, Gourd Carving
  • Writing Championships – Short Story, Novel, Fiction, Science Fiction, Documentary, Calligraphy, Code

The first venue to be offered will be Wildfowl Carving Championships. The creation of the wildfowl carving venue was the first to be created. During development it became apparent that the championship model would work for many venues, as listed above. If you have a suggestion for a venue of competition not included in the list, feel free to email us with your suggestions.